Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Serena's Book

Serena wrote a book for Julie for her birthday, and it was just too precious!  I felt compelled to preserve it!

"The Story of Jesus Being Born by Serena Horak"

"The Story of Jesus Being Born by Serena Horak, is from the Bible.  It is for my Aunt Julie.  It is a very fun book.  I, Serena Horak, wrote it."

1 The Journey
2 The Birth
3 The Angels
4 The Trip
5 The Gifts
6 Afterward"

"Chapter One, The Journey"
"Mary and Joseph were coming their own long trip, from their town Nasereth, to onother town Bethlehem, to be counted by a very imp-"

"ortant person name Caesar Augustus.  You see he wanted to show everybody how important he was by counting them, so Mary and Joseph had to leave Nasereath"

"Chapter Two, The Birth
Now wile Caesar Augustus was trying to show everybody how important he was, God was trying to show everybody how important he was by coming down"

"from the sky as a baby. Amasing! Imagine it! A grown up becoming a baby! Who would be his parents? Mary and Joseph would be his parents. One day a angel came and told Mary to call her baby Jesus. Of course Mary"

"was surprised, especially because there weren't any houses, or hotels to stay at. Where should they stay? In a barn? Yes! Many people would think it silly to the promised one born in a barn,"

"but apparently God did not. Everybody was exitedly waiting for the promised one, but only God was waiting for him to be born in a barn, and he was born in a manger with Mary."

"Chapter Three, The Angels.
Now a long long time ago Jesus was born in a barn with his parents Mary and Joseph of course. Now on that dark dark night in Bethelhem a briht briht star, the"

"brihtest you ever saw shone. Some sheperds saw it and wondered what it meant, then all of a sudden a angel burst out of the sky! And told the news that Jesus was born, and a bunch of angels sang and the sheperds ran to see Jesus."

"Chapter Four, The Trip.
Now in a land far, far away land lived three kings, who had been looking for the briht briht star, and when they saw it they got ready for a long, long trip and went to see him, Jesus."

"Chapter Five, The Gifts.
Now, by the time the three kings reached where Jesus was, he was probably two or three years old, and they gave him the gifts they had brout, and knelt before him."

The Bible really does tell all this bit of book. The story of Jesus being born is really copied from the Bible."

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