Thursday, October 14, 2010

22 Weeks Pregnant

The 22-week mark has been achieved!  I know how this goes.  The pregnancy is creeping along and you hang on for the little milestones that mean it really is progressing (i.e., a tiny bump, belly button popping out, first ultrasound, end of morning sickness and other 1st-trimester annoyances, first movement inside, first movement outside, second ultrasound...).  THEN!  You hit the half-way mark and it just flies by after that!  I can't believe it's already been two weeks since we found out our baby is a boy!  I'm still trying to wrap my head around that fact!  A BOY!!!!  It's going to be so fun around here with a girl and a boy!  :D  I can't wait to break out some cute blue onesies and sleepers!  And who can resist a little boy in overalls!!!!  ;)  And the boy toys will add a whole new dimension to play time around here, haha!  Things with the pregnancy are still going well, and I'm feeling great!  The little guy is very active now, and sometimes I wonder if Serena feels him when I'm holding her and it makes me wonder what she thinks?  Mommy must have some pretty bad gas!  Haha!  :D

22-week picture

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jules said...

you look beautiful jen! i suppose it is fun to have serena and talk to her about mommy's baby in her tummy... special times:)