Monday, March 18, 2013


We were away last Monday (visiting my Mommy - YAY!!!), so that's why there was no Memorable installment.  But, here's this week's picture, and I think it's a great one!!!

Summer 1983
There's my mommy all cute and pregnant with ME!!!  :)  Seriously, she is beautiful, isn't she?  She just looks so sweet and happy.  I'm not sure how far along she was in the picture, but I was born in early October, which gives a hint.  I love my Dad's western-ish style.  I remember he always wore cowboy boots, though I don't really remember the western-style shirts so much.  We always loved his cowboy boots!  I remember sometimes dropping little "surprises" in his boots for him to find the next day when he went to work, heehee!  :)  Jason's bibs are adorable...I just love bibs on little boys!  He would have been 2 1/2-ish here.  And the man holding him is my Grandpa, my Dad's Dad.  He looks exactly as I remember him!  Once again, I have no idea where this picture was taken, whose truck is in the background, or what the occasion was (if there was any).  If anyone wants to chime in and shed some light, feel free!!


jules said...

This is such a fun picture! I love to see which ones you 'dig up!' I always think mom looked so cute in all the pictures that she's pregnant in! She sure carried babies so happily and stylishly ;)

I remember dropping notes and stuff in dad's boots too!! I wonder how many times he forgot to dump out his boot before actually sticking his foot in and stepping on stuff! LOL :) Good memories! <3

Unknown said...

okay----i think this is at a restaurant---maybe grandma r. would know which one. That is our Jimmy in the background!! :) It was a fun vehicle (kid friendly)!! And I was so happy to have another child---jason was so much fun (and cute) and we had no idea we were having a sweet baby girl. Your dad always loved the little things he found in his boots from you girls. He makes a pretty handsome cowboy, doesn't he???? :D

Anonymous said...

I don't recall which restaurant we were at, but we always found some good ones. I do remember those striped awnings...just can't recall where we were...possibly the Beef House, that was a favorite. Yes, your mom carried her babies so happily and stylishly, Julie. Love the memories. <3