Monday, April 01, 2013

Memorable: Guest Post

My sister is away from home over a long weekend, so she asked me to be a guest on her blog! I'm Julie (Jennifer's younger sister), and I also am a personal blogger on a private, invite-only blog. [If you'd like an invitation to read - nothin' fancy 'course - just let me know.]

Jennifer and I are 14 months apart - causing us to be asked if we were 'twins' when we were little all the time!  I am very excited to share on this "Memorable Monday" post and hope that in the future I can guest blog again! I think today's photo is worthy of a caption contest - anyone want to try?

What's so funny?
I'm assuming this picture is sometime in early 1988? Maybe Mom or Jennifer will have input on that!
I honestly don't know the background on this picture at all - but seriously love this candid moment that was captured. There were many Sundays that we often took photos, sang Sunday School & VBS songs for dad's video camera, and even included 'greetings' on the video for grandparents or distant friends. It looks like this was another of those typical days - but I do wonder what was so funny?!

This particular photo really gives a glimpse into the childhood we had: A very happy home with amazing, loving parents, and a pretty close bond as siblings. Many times I'd love to rewind and relive our family moments, as each picture I 'dig up' is worthy of sharing and enjoying! I want to say how thankful I am for the memories we all treasure - what a wonderful childhood we have to look back on. And, as each of us now has more 'family' of sorts whether it be our own kids or nieces & nephews - it is so fun to see them experience happiness and love of a growing family just as we did those many years ago.


Jess said...

aw, what a fun post, jules! fun idea to have a "guest" blogger, jenny! :) that's such a funny picture! i look totally clueless as to whatever the rest of you are laughing about! haha! thanks for the memories, girls! <3

jules said...

I thought the same thing, kiddie! It's so funny to look at you in that pic:) You need to blog again!! ;)

Anonymous said...

This looks like the fireplace in the house you all lived at in IA, the one out in the country. Mom would know how to describe it's location to you. <3 Gr'ma