Sunday, February 28, 2016

Bret's Fifth Birthday

Bret once again had special guests brave the winter weather to celebrate his birthday with him!  Last year, it was Grammie & Aunt Jessica; this year, it was Gramma & Auntie Anna!  We all had such a great visit together, and of course it was so fun to celebrate Bret's turning 5 with all the extra love!

Traditional birthday cake - made by the Birthday Boy himself

Mr Five Year Old

Heehee! I just love this one!

Bret figured out how to blow up balloons all by himself, but it was painful to watch!

Such careful placement of all that candy!

Opening up presents is always a fun part of birthday parties! ;)

The three rugrats - er - munchkins

He really REALLY wanted a lot of candy on his cake. I don't think he could have squeezed another piece on there! ;D
We did our traditional weighing/measuring, and Bret had grown 3" in the past year! Still, he is only in the 14th percentile for height/weight (35.7 lbs; 41.5"). But, boy, is there a lot of personality in that little package!

Also per tradition, though a little late, I did a birthday interview with Bret. :)

First half

Second half 

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Jess said...

'I'm pretty good at dusting...' heehee! Send him my way ;) These are so cute and I love that you do them every year! Thank you! Give him a hug and a smooch for us! <3