Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Cody's Fourth Birthday Letter

Dear Cody-Bear,

How are you really turning four this year?! You have been a joy beyond anything we could have imagined!

You have anticipated this day very much for a month or so now. After Serena had a birthday, you were pretty excited that you were going to have one too! Especially since that meant you'd have some cake. ;)

Of all you kids, you have presented unique challenges. Easily the "best" sleeper since baby-hood, in the past year, you have hurtled such milestones as switching to a big-boy bed and throwing away your paci (both on the same night, no less!), and growing out of naps and staying dry at nights, too!

You and Bret are inseparable buddies. You fight and play and play-fight constantly! You are in a constant state of trying to copy if not out-do Bret. This past summer, you always fell asleep within a few minutes of being put to bed because you were so worn out from traipsing all over the place outside with Bret all day long! Once you are asleep, you are completely dead to the world. When we were trying to help you get the hang of staying dry at nights, I would take you to the bathroom before I went to bed; but you were so out of it, I'd find myself begging you for 5-10 minutes to go potty and trying to keep you from falling off the potty. ;D That trick had worked so well for Serena & Bret, but you are a different kind of animal, Cody!

Serena loves to mother you and teach you things and tries very hard to get you to play along with her, but more and more you are finding that you prefer Bret's adventures. Poor Serena! Her little babies are growing up and she is a little lonely!

You have many talents. Your go-to show-off talent is hopping on one leg, but you also like to make noises with your mouth, which is pretty hilarious. You can make faces and eyes at people that no one can match! When you are in doubt about how to answer someone, you make this face where you squint one eye, and turn your head so you are looking at the person out of the corner of your other eye while your mouth is screwed up and pursed to one side...it's classic! ;)

You love to read and pour over books when you get a quiet moment. But mostly you just do whatever Bret is doing. Your pathetic attempts to build, draw, color, and even build snowmen are a constant source of merriment for me. I try not to let you see me laughing, though. ;)

You think Daddy is pretty awesome and that he can do anything! You and Bret look so forward to Daddy getting home each afternoon/being home on weekends so you can play with him and "help" him! Daddy has been pretty impressed with your ability to throw a ball and swing a bat in spite of being a year and a half younger than Bret! You still prefer Mommy when it comes to being everything else, though. No one can snuggle quite like you can, Cody-bear! You have a way of relaxing your entire body that is irresistible! The best part is that you absolutely do not mind my kissing your squishy cheeks all I like!

You are built so differently from Bret. You are just an all-around bigger boy than he was at your age, in height and weight. This was never more apparent than this past summer as you two boys spent your days shirt-less! ;) You and Bret wear nearly the same size; he is 2" taller, but you are 2 lbs heavier.

We are so thankful you are our little Bear and our hearts are full of prayers for you as you grow and learn and change with each passing day.

I love you, my 4-year-old Cody-Bear!

Love, Mommy

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